How do you get FIT? An Interview with RightFit Chicago founder, Matthew Kornblatt

An important part of a healthy body is not just what you put into it, but also how you move it! Exercise, incorporated with good nutrition, is the key to weight management, not just for adults, but for kids, too! FEED interviewed Matthew Kornblatt, personal trainer and founder of RightFIt Chicago, to learn more about the benefits of a personal trainer and how RightFit Chicago can help you and your family.

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What is RightFit Chicago? 
RightFit Chicago is a free service that helps match people with personal trainers throughout the Chicagoland area. Since compatibility is essential, is like a for personal training. With a network of almost 140 personal trainers, there is a trainer for everyone. Trainees can use a Quick Search that allows users to filter through the listing based on location, price, specialty, and gender. To find their “RightFit,” users will take the RightFit Chicago Trainee Survey. Upon completion of the survey, trainees are provided a list of trainers based on their unique preferences. Trainees can browse through and connect with any RightFit Chicago personal trainer.  Additionally, users can contact Matthew for personal consultation about who to hire.

What is your advice for a client interested in getting into shape, but doesn’t know where to start?
Find a personal trainier! More than anyone, those who don’t know where to start should seek out the guidance of a professional. People who hire personal trainers tend to stick to their fitness routine for longer, and are less likely to sustain injuries, than those who exercise independently.  “Getting in shape” takes more than just going to the gym. It is a lifestyle change, and is something that can be achieved with a personal trainer.

What is the benefit of a trainer? Can’t I just go to the gym?
There are countless benefits of working out with a personal trainer; however the most important benefit is prevention of injuries. Proper guidance from a trainer can help muscles develop in a challenging yet safe way. A trainer will address your awareness of activating muscles used in each exercise. Further, trainers know the right combination of exercises and stress proper form. Finally, another benefit of personal training is motivation. Having someone provide reinforcement for your efforts is the key to success in achieving a healthy body, regardless of where, when, or why you exercise.

Do you have any tips for moms getting back in shape after having a baby?
For those mom’s who are trying to get their bodies back to the pre-pregnancy shape, the first thing to do is focus on their diet. Meeting with a registered dietitian in conjunction with a personal trainer, is the key to success. Without proper nutrition, it is difficult for anyone to get in great shape. Women who are looking to lose the post-baby weight quickly, should consult with a personal trainer who specializes in post-natal training.

Can RightFit Chicago help kids, too?
Most definitely! In these technology-filled days that we live in, many kids would rather spend their afternoons playing video games than playing a game of pick-up basketball. This is an unfortunate epidemic that has been sweeping the nation for some time, but it can be shifted. Working out with to a personal trainer as a child is invaluable time spent. The importance of exercise taught early in life will help shape future habits and could protect from weight management concerns in the future.

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Lara Field MS, RD, LDN is a Registered Dietitian and Specialist in Pediatrics with over a decade of clinical and client experience. When she’s not actively working to keep her clients healthy, she’s a busy mother of two active boys and loves testing new recipes in her kitchen. Follow her on Instagram to see her recipe ideas, product suggestions, and see how she manages a healthy lifestyle @larafield.