Family Nutrition Services

FEED is proud to provide nutrition services that help people eat better and live healthier lives.

Pediatric Nutrition Expert, Lara Field, has been working extensively with kids and families for over a decade. Whether you are looking to tune up your family's nutrition or learn how to manage a medical condition, Lara and our pediatric nutritionists at FEED are here to help meet your family's needs. Every child nutrition services appointment is individualized and addresses your concerns with practical solutions that fit your family's day-to-day life.

FEED features the following family nutrition services:

Infant & Child Nutrition Counseling

If you are starting solid foods with your baby, trying to manage a picky eater or if you have concerns with your child's weight, our team can help!

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Teen Nutrition Counseling

With peer pressure, sports commitments, and tight schedules, many teens find healthy eating is impossible. FEED dietitians work with teens and families to develop meal plans.

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Food Allergy Management

Whether it is multiple food allergies, or just one, we will use our extensive food allergy experience to assist in finding safe foods and teach you how to meet nutrient needs on a restricted diet.

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Gluten-Free Consultation

Celiac specialist, Lara Field, will put you at ease teaching you label reading techniques, how to manage cross-contamination, how to find tasty and nutrient dense food product substitutions, and so much more.

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Healthy Pantry Makeover

Chicago dietitians will come to your home and review your pantry staples. Learn how to stock your pantry with foods that help your kids stay full and focused.

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Let's Cook Together

Cooking can be a daunting experience, especially if you are not comfortable in the kitchen. FEED dietitian and chef, Sara Haas, will make you feel at ease.

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Meal Planning with Sara

We know it’s a challenge to find the time to collect recipes and stock your kitchen with nourishing food. FEED nutritionist and chef, Sara Haas, will teach you the tools for success.

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School Consultation

FEED nutritionist, Lara Field, brings her pediatric clinical experience to assist in the school setting. We will execute an individualized approach to fit your school’s needs.

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Working with FEED

Book an appointment through our website or take a brief moment to fill out a simple form on the contact page to get more information.

Your FEED dietitian will confirm your appointment request, or reach out to you by phone or email to discuss the specific service or services that best address your health needs. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email to opt-in to appointment reminders and receive our intake form from our secure electronic medical record and scheduling platform.

Initial consults typically run 60 minutes. During that time, your dietitian will discuss your current eating habits, diet/health history, and personal goals. Individualized recommendations for reaching your goals and recommendations for follow-up appointments will be discussed at the end of the session.

For clients looking for ongoing support and accountability, we offer multi-session packages that also provide clients with email access to their dietitian between appointments. We offer a 3-session package and a 5-session package.

Please see more information on pricing and insurance reimbursement.

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