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Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping

A trip to the grocery store in search of gluten-free foods can be an overwhelming experience, especially these days when new gluten-free food products are popping up everywhere.  Simply following a few tips can get you in, out, and on your way to a healthy lifestyle.  Check out these ideas from FEED the next time you […]

“Organic, and Natural, and Clean…Oh my!”

When discussing “healthy” foods, many consumers use words such as “organic,” “natural,” or “clean.” Do these words really indicate a more nutritious product? Not so fast. Just like the famous saying, “never judge a book by its cover,” never judge a food by its packaging! According to the Organic Trade Association’s 2013 US Families Organic […]

Product Spotlight! FEED’s Top 25 Food Products of 2012!

What’s hot to have in your pantry NOW? Check out Lara’s list of MUST-HAVE items* for your home! Good for your kids, great for your waistline. Learn what to stock on your pantry shelves to ensure healthy choices are always around. Here they are…Drum roll, please! Applegate Organics Chicken Breast – No antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites, […]

Organic vs. Conventional Foods – The reasons why some are spending top dollar on certain grocery items.

What does organic mean anyway? Under organic production guidelines, conventional non-synthetic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides are generally restricted. Antibiotics and hormones are prohibited from livestock consumption, and genetic modification or application of nanotechnology is generally excluded from organic food. Foods claiming to be organic must be free of artificial food additives, and fewer artificial methods, […]

Top 10 Superfoods for Toddlers

In order to meet your child’s nutrient needs, there are a few foods that are a MUST for everyday nutrition. Meaning, EVERYDAY your child should eat these foods or comparable substitutes to ensure he/she is meeting the RDA for important nutrients including calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C. 1) Milk. Until the […]