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Smoothie Secrets from FEED

Refreshing, cool, sweet, and delicious, many turn to smoothies when the weather warms up, in pursuit of a healthy drink. However, there are many traps that lure consumers, turning our slim smoothie into a diet disaster! Read on and learn our SMOOTHIE SECRETS to ensure you are not destroying your diet! Recent research showed that […]

Get the FACTS about the Nutrition Facts

Confused by the food label? Do you know what to look for to make a healthful choice for you and your family? Look no further! Check out these quick tips from FEED on how to sort the MYTHS from the (nutrition) FACTS. What is the first thing to look for when choosing foods on the […]

What’s in your lunch box?

Kids are back in school, summer is coming to a close, and one of the biggest concerns of many parents around this time focuses on what to pack for lunch! Whether it be elaborate or just plain simple, lunch is an important time to provide kids with some of the vital nutrients they need to […]

Can you be WHOLE without the wheat?

MYTH: The gluten-free diet is free of whole wheat, thus is free of whole grains. FACT: Gluten-free dieters can receive the benefits of whole grains including vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. Many gluten-free grains (quinoa, brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat) are nutrient powerhouses and provide excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. How do you find whole […]

Sports Nutrition – Tips for the BIG and little athlete

Just starting a new workout routine? Are you curious about what foods to choose for muscle recovery? Check out these tips from FEED! Adequate recovery nutrition is important for all types of athletes. From kids that are just starting out in physical activities to adults engaging in regular competitive events, all athletes need to incorporate […]


Reasons why you shouldn’t leave the grocery store without them! “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive…LOOK!”  On your grocery store shelves…SUPER FOODS! Eggs – One large egg contains 113 mg of Choline, an essential nutrient for brain health. This super food is also high in Vitamin A, Vitamin D, potassium and protein. […]

Superbowl Sunday Calorie Smack Down!

The big game is approaching. To many, this day brings together family and friends to watch one of the greatest sports events of the year. But also, sitting around the living room with an abundance of food brings us one of the largest calorie-consuming feasts of the year. Research by the Calorie Control Council (CCC) […]


Reasons why you shouldn’t leave the grocery store without them! “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive…LOOK!” On your grocery store shelves…SUPER FOODS! There are many foods that have become popular for their “super” properties, such as preventing disease, reducing inflammation, or even decreasing hunger. Though these foods aren’t going to make […]

Protein? How much does my child need?

Protein is essential to a child’s diet for many reasons. For one, protein builds and repairs tissues such as skin and muscles. Protein also makes antibodies that fight disease and enzymes that aid digestion. With picky eating habits, or restrictive allergen-free diets, making sure your child is getting the right amount of protein can be […]