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Eat Seasonably – CABBAGE

Trying to find fresh produce in the winter months? The struggle is REAL!  Luckily, cabbage is available to bring an element of freshness and color to your kitchen! From traditional European green and red cabbage to the Asian varieties of napa cabbage and bok choy, all varieties of cabbage are nutritionally similar. Cabbage is high […]

Eat Seasonably – KALE

There is nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables during peak season. Check out our “Eat Seasonably” feature where we will share health tips, preparation tricks, and new recipes featuring the best of the season’s produce. This cruciferous vegetable packs a variety of health benefits, including vitamins A, C and K, filling fiber and free radical-fighting antioxidants. […]

Eat Seasonably – GRAPEFRUIT

While many fruits and vegetables provide vitamin C, half a grapefruit gives you 70% percent of what you need for the whole day!  In addition, grapefruits also have lycopene, an antioxidant credited with cancer prevention due to it’s free radical combating effects.  This FEED-approved winter citrus is the perfect cure for your winter blues! Selecting […]