Allergen-Free Energy Bites

Allergen Friendly

Prep: 5 Min | Cook: N/A

Try this quick and easy allergen-free recipe for a quick breakfast, post-workout or anytime snack!



1 cup Sacha Inchi Seed Butter (What is This?)
1 cup Gluten-Free Old-Fashioned Oats
1/4 cup Shredded Coconut
3 TBSP Honey
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
3 TBSP Chia Seeds


  1. Add all ingredients to a large mixing bowl and mix until well combined.
  2. Place mixture in the freezer for 3-4 hours to harden.
  3. Scoop mixture and roll into balls.
  4. Freeze and store in the freezer or refrigerator.


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Nutrition Facts

Servings: 10 bites (2 per serving)

Amount per Serving

Calories: 273

Total Fat: 18 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 142 mg

Total Carbohydrate: 27 g

- Dietary Fiber: 9 g

- Sugars: 11 g

Protein: 12 g