IBS Friendly

Recipe Categories

Oat Waffle

Not Your R"Eggo"lar-Waffle

Low in sugar, and high in protein and fiber, these waffles are a great breakfast option.

Simple Potato Salad

"Spudding" with Flavor

These flavorful potatoes are special enough for Thanksgiving, yet easy enough for a weeknight side.

Lazy Latkes

Simplicity at it's best

Quick and easy three-ingredient latkes, perfect for your next holiday gathering! Try our other variations with spinach and sweet potato!

Cucumber & Strawberry Summer Salad

Highlight: Cucumber

This crisp and refreshing seasonal salad is a beautiful addition to any summer BBQ!

Kiwi Summer Salad

Highlight: Kiwi

This crisp and refreshing seasonal salad is a crowd-pleaser every time!

Parsnip Fries

No Fat Fries!

Try this "fry" recipe for a non-fat, crunchy side or anytime snack. Low FODMAP choice

Maple Glazed Salmon

Rich in Omega-3s

Serve with rice or quinoa, and zucchini or broccoli for a simple and delicious dinner. Low FODMAP choice

Homemade Granola Bars

High in Protein and Fiber

These no-bake granola bars are super easy to make, and taste even better than the store-bought alternative.

Frozen Grapes

Natural Sweet Treat

Just wash and freeze grapes for a simple, all natural, sweet treat. Low FODMAP choice