Forming Early Eating Decisions (FEED)

Forming Early Eating Decisions (FEED) was founded in 2008 in Chicago by Registered Dietitian Lara Field, while in clinical practice at the University of Chicago Medical Center’s Comer Children’s Hospital.

Years later, FEED grew to become FEED Nutrition Consulting, but the mission remains the same.

“My mission is to help clients cut through the ‘food noise’ with nutrition counseling that’s personalized, based on science and rooted in reality.”

Food Plans to Fit You

To find food lifestyle changes that work for you, we meet with you, we ask the right questions and we listen. Without judgment  – to understand your unique situation, tastes, traditions and time limitations.

Then, we work with you to gently adjust or radically improve your everyday eating habits or allow you to manage food allergies or medical issues while still enjoying eating.

Solid Nutritional Advice

We know that diet books are available by the thousands, and that it’s easy to go on the Internet to find “do’s and don’ts” for gluten-free eating, how-to advice for parents desperate to improve the diet of picky eaters, and lists of foods to avoid if you have high cholesterol, diabetes or inflammatory bowel disease, etc.

We also know that this type of information is only partly helpful, and that it, sadly, is often based on misinformation.

No Stress

We have always made sure that FEED’s solutions are customized, not one-size-fits-all. Our nutritional counseling doesn’t push you to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with, like so many other diet plans. Because when it comes to:

  • Living a healthy lifestyle (feeling good, having energy, performing daily activities with ease)
  • Managing food and medical issues and
  • Avoiding chronic medical conditions,

…temporary solutions simply don’t help.

Counseling Services

Bringing peer-reviewed nutrition science, the joy of eating and, when necessary (which it often is), convenience to busy families and individuals, these are some of the specific counseling services we offer:

 Individual and Family Nutritional Counseling

 Food Allergy and Intolerance Management

Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Diet Consultation

 Grocery Store Personal Shopping

In-Home Meal Preparation Training

Speaking Events and School Consultation 


Meet The Team

Our team of experts focus on various nutrition specialties in order to best meet your individualized needs. Learn more about them by clicking on their photo below!



Can’t Thank You Enough!

Her eating, sleeping, her entire personality has changed after we met you. She is a much happier kid and it's a big relief for us. We were so stressed out for 5 months and whenever we would look at other parents, we couldn't understand how raising a baby was so much easier for them and not for us! I know we shouldn't compare but her not eating was driving us crazy. She has started enjoying food, fruits, even veggies. She never ate egg and now she eats a boiled egg every morning with oatmeal and banana. You have been a blessing for us. We can't thank you enough! - H.A.