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Carrot Muffins

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Vegan Jalepeño “Cheese” Biscuits

Comfort Food Alternative

These "cheddar" biscuits are so delicious, you won't know what is missing!

Green Tea Ice Cream Bites

Matcha Madness

Change up your sweet treat with a healthy dose antioxidants and a gentle caffeine boost!

Oat Waffle

Not Your R"Eggo"lar-Waffle

Low in sugar, and high in protein and fiber, these waffles are a great breakfast option.

Allergen-Free Energy Bites

Allergen Friendly

Try this quick and easy allergen-free recipe for a quick breakfast, post-workout or anytime snack!

Pumpkin Muffins

Ingredient Highlight: White Beans

Pumpkin spice and everything nice! This subtly sweet muffin contains parent-approved ingredients, with a kid-approved taste!

Easy Egg Salad

Lighter Lunch

Try this revamped version of classic egg salad using our favorite protein-packed ingredient swap - Greek yogurt!

Creamy Coconut Chia Pudding

Creamy Coconut

We love this classic chia pudding rich in velvety coconut -- sweet and satisfying!

Peanut Butter Banana Chia Pudding

Salty and Sweet

One of our favorite flavor combinations makes for a perfect breakfast, snack, or dessert!

Mango Matcha Chia Pudding

Creamy Coffee Alternative

Try this delicious combination of matcha green tea with naturally sweet mango for a gently caffeinated morning treat!