Personal Consultation

FEED is proud to provide services that help people eat better, manage food intolerances, allergies and medical conditions, and ultimately live healthier lifestyles.

The consultation services linked below are designed – either singularly, or in combination – to give you exactly the kind of help you need.

Each FEED service involves personal consultation with one of our Registered Dietitians and Nutrition Experts who works with you to find healthy habits you enjoy – and that improve and protect your long-term health.

Don’t worry about opening up your pantry to us. There is no judgment, just understanding, advice and ideas based on your busy life, your family’s unique needs and the latest nutrition science.

We make customized, long lasting solutions. It’s a philosophy that is the opposite of fad diets that deliver fast, short-term results. FEED listens closely and works together with you to improve your understanding of nutrition and your needs. Our goal, and the goal of the clients who reach out to us, is a long-term lifestyle solution.

Customized Solutions

Because each client, each family, and each situation is unique, we’ve developed these services:

Services for Kids & Families

 Individual and Family Nutritional Counseling

 Adolescent Nutrition

Food Allergy and Intolerance Management

In-Home Meal Preparation Training

 Pantry Rehab

School Consultation

 Speaking Engagements


Services for Everyone!

 Adult Weight Management

Grocery Store Tours

Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Diet Consultation

 Corporate Wellness


 Prenatal Nutrition

 Body After Baby: Postnatal Nutrition



An Amazing Registered Dietitian

Lara Field with FEED Kids ( is an amazing pediatric nutritionist and Registered Dietitian. I found her through CHEERS when I was pregnant. She has two kids (one that’s a toddler) and nursed both and is very pro-breastfeeding. She also provided me advice for me that was very helpful (b/c she looks amazing herself, which is really helpful when you’re taking advice for nutrition!). I couldn’t say enough nice things about her. -SKP

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