How to bring HEALTHY into your Halloween – Without making you scared!

Halloween is just around the corner. Our candy buckets will soon be overflowing with chocolate, gooey, chewy, sugar-loaded morsels, most of which will stick around our pantry through most of the winter months ahead. These little calorie-packed diet bombs can be the demise to the best laid healthy eating plans for you and your kids.

The National Confectioners Association came out with a fantastic tool sheet to moderate candy intake. These suggestions provide about 50-100 calories per day:
• 15 jelly beans (60 calories)
• 1 snack/fun size candy bar (80 calories)
• 2 pieces licorice (50 calories)
• 3-5 pieces hard candy (60 calories)
• 2 bite-sized peanut butter cups (90 calories)
• 2-4 bite-sized chocolates (90 calories)

Keep in mind, it may seem small, but adding about 50 calories per day can actually increase our weight by about 5 pounds per year! Rather than increase our waistlines, this year follow some tips from FEED to ensure a Healthy Halloween.

1. Plan ahead – Talk to your kids about Halloween; make it known that candy doesn’t need to be a part of their daily diet.
2. Set a good example – Encourage healthier treats such as snacks with whole grain or 100% fruit (IE: popcorn, raisins, fruit leathers).
3. Enjoy Trick or Treating – Avoid indulging until you get home.
4. Consume in moderation – Limit to about 50 calories or less per day.
5. Choose treats that contain protein – Skip those with concentrated sugars. Candy containing nuts may feel more satisfying and curb cravings quicker.

Use these tricks and enjoy only few treats on this Halloween!

Lara Field MS, RD, LDN is a Registered Dietitian and Specialist in Pediatrics with over a decade of clinical and client experience. When she’s not actively working to keep her clients healthy, she’s a busy mother of two active boys and loves testing new recipes in her kitchen. Follow her on Instagram to see her recipe ideas, product suggestions, and see how she manages a healthy lifestyle @larafield.