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Pantry Party with DJ Blatner

FEED Founder, Lara Field joined local RD pal Dawn Jackson Blatner to share her latest quarantine health tips for kids and families. Check out Lara’s family meal planning suggestions, her latest Instapot recipe idea, and how she embraces meal time “buy-in” to get all family members on board in this Pantry Party Episode!  

Feeding Toddlers – 5 Tips to Manage Picky Eaters

Picky eater on your hands? Good news! You are not alone! In fact, this is one of the biggest challenges in raising children.  As parents, we simply want our kids to grow, receive proper nourishment, and gain the nutrition important for a healthy development. However, kids have an alternative agenda, and they make it known! […]

How Do You Meet Your Picky Eater’s Nutritional Needs?

Picky eating is a common struggle in childhood. However, FEED’s picky-eater problem solver, Lara Field has years of experience helping parents manage these behaviors. Read Lara’s tips on how to meet your picky eater’s nutritional needs in her interview with OPEEQO.    

Is your child a “Picky Eater”?

Suggestions to combat the initiation of picky eating and other diet pitfalls. Preschool marks the start of a child’s independence. Toddlers become “big kids,” yearning to do things all by themselves. Preschool children constantly test the boundaries their parents provide, leaving mom or dad the opportunity to say “NO,” or let them get their way. […]

“How do I get my child to eat more vegetables?!?!”

March is National Nutrition Month!  To celebrate, we will be posting some very fun and informative blogs throughout March.  To kick it off, we are starting with one of the questions I get asked most, “How do I get my child to eat more vegetables?!?!” Many parents struggle with mealtimes. Not only to get their […]