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Wait! Don’t Waste!

Do you throw out food based on the sell-by dates on your food packages? Learn which dates matter, and check out our suggestions on how to make sure your family stays food-safe at home! According to a study by the National Resources Defense Council and Harvard Food Law policy clinic, NINE out of TEN Americans throw […]

Get the FACTS about the Nutrition Facts

Confused by the food label? Do you know what to look for to make a healthful choice for you and your family? Look no further! Check out these quick tips from FEED on how to sort the MYTHS from the (nutrition) FACTS. What is the first thing to look for when choosing foods on the […]

The Truth about Low-Calorie Sweeteners

Spring is in the air (well, kind of)! Warm weather is around the corner, and this is the time when many search for ways to cut calories and shed unwanted pounds. This brings us to the topic of low-calorie sweeteners – a way to reduce calories, while maintaining taste and a pleasurable experience with food. […]

Fat Facts

Earlier this month, new research challenged the well-accepted relationship between saturated fat and heart disease, calling into question if a correlation between the two truly exists. While many dieters fear fat, believing any food with fat content will lead to weight gain is a major diet myth. Eating any foods with too many calories is […]