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Full, Low, or Free — Which Fat is Right for Me?

Many people assume fat-free must mean the healthiest choice, but new research suggests it may not be that simple. While the word, “fat”, has been deemed the enemy of many diets, this macronutrient is not the adversary we once thought. Fat offers many benefits, including improved vitamin absorption, protection for the body’s organs, along with […]

Fat Facts

Earlier this month, new research challenged the well-accepted relationship between saturated fat and heart disease, calling into question if a correlation between the two truly exists. While many dieters fear fat, believing any food with fat content will lead to weight gain is a major diet myth. Eating any foods with too many calories is […]

Transparency of Trans Fat

Just last week, the FDA announced it will require food manufacturers to begin phasing out trans fat from foods, as it has been deemed a direct threat to health. Since 2006, it has been a requirement for product labels to indicate the presence of trans fat. However, based on new scientific evidence, the FDA issued a Federal Register notice announcing that partially […]