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How do you get FIT? An Interview with RightFit Chicago founder, Matthew Kornblatt

An important part of a healthy body is not just what you put into it, but also how you move it! Exercise, incorporated with good nutrition, is the key to weight management, not just for adults, but for kids, too! FEED interviewed Matthew Kornblatt, personal trainer and founder of RightFIt Chicago, to learn more about […]

Picnic-possible: The Healthy Way to Perk Up Your Picnic!

Keeping your kids entertained over summer break is a real challenge! Get them off the couch by proposing a picnic. Now, if you’re thinking hot dogs, potato salad, and fried chips, think again! You’ll be surprised how delicious and easy your lunch can be when you use these healthy tips from FEED to fill your […]

Lunchbox Lessons from Lara

Just last summer, USDA launched MyPlate, a revamp of the old food guide pyramid which seemed to create consumer confusion. Rather than a pyramid, the “plate” depicts nutritional know-how in one image. At first sight, the plate shows the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins, along with a glass of milk. However, if […]

Healthy Travel Food Tips

Are you traveling this Holiday season? Whether you’re planning a trip by plane, train or automobile, you’ll face the challenge of feeding your family during this journey. Navigate your family around the temptation of junk food and maintain your healthy diet on your travels with theses Healthy Travel Food Tips! You’ll feel healthier, more alert, […]