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Freeze Dried, Frozen or Canned–What’s the Best Alternative to Fresh?

When choosing snacks, we always recommend choosing fruits and vegetables over the various refined-carbohydrate crackers, cookies and salty snacks. Choosing nutrient-dense, fiber-filled fruits and veggies not only provides antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, but it also reduces consumption of other empty-calorie snacks, which provide little, if any, nutrition. Fresh fruits and vegetables, eaten in their whole […]

Eat Seasonably – PAPAYA

There is nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables during peak season. Check out our “Eat Seasonably” feature where we will share health tips, preparation tricks, and new recipes featuring the best of the season’s produce. This month, we are featuring papaya. This tropical fruit is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and the right amount of sweetness […]

Smoothie Secrets from FEED

Refreshing, cool, sweet, and delicious, many turn to smoothies when the weather warms up, in pursuit of a healthy drink. However, there are many traps that lure consumers, turning our slim smoothie into a diet disaster! Read on and learn our SMOOTHIE SECRETS to ensure you are not destroying your diet! Recent research showed that […]

Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping

A trip to the grocery store in search of gluten-free foods can be an overwhelming experience, especially these days when new gluten-free food products are popping up everywhere.  Simply following a few tips can get you in, out, and on your way to a healthy lifestyle.  Check out these ideas from FEED the next time you […]

Leaving the Pyramid to Ancient History

In 1992, the USDA introduced the food pyramid. The purpose of the food pyramid was to provide Americans with nutritional guidelines separating the “food groups” into hierarchal sections. These sections are smaller or larger based on the percentage a person should consume daily of each “group.” In effect, the pyramid represented an order of nutritional […]

Prebiotics? Are those good bugs too?

PREBIOTICS, different from PROBIOTICS, are found in certain foods and provide nourishment to probiotic bacteria. In other words, prebiotics are food for the beneficial bacteria living in your gut. In addition to stimulating growth and/or activity of beneficial bacteria, prebiotics have many health benefits for the host (YOU!). The most well-known prebiotic is fiber, which […]

Top 10 Superfoods for Toddlers

In order to meet your child’s nutrient needs, there are a few foods that are a MUST for everyday nutrition. Meaning, EVERYDAY your child should eat these foods or comparable substitutes to ensure he/she is meeting the RDA for important nutrients including calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C. 1) Milk. Until the […]