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Memorial Day Roundup – What’s Grilling?

Memorial Day will look a bit different this year. Rather than gathering with friends and family, we are staying safe at home. But what isn’t different about this year, is that Memorial Day marks the start of grilling season! Change up your dinner plans this week with some grill-inspiration from FEED Nutrition! Cedar Plank Salmon […]

Freeze Dried, Frozen or Canned–What’s the Best Alternative to Fresh?

When choosing snacks, we always recommend choosing fruits and vegetables over the various refined-carbohydrate crackers, cookies and salty snacks. Choosing nutrient-dense, fiber-filled fruits and veggies not only provides antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, but it also reduces consumption of other empty-calorie snacks, which provide little, if any, nutrition. Fresh fruits and vegetables, eaten in their whole […]

Fourth of July BBQ – Toss your taters for these nutrition-packed veggie alternatives!

Looking for some fresh ideas for your BBQ this holiday weekend? How about spicing up your grill with seasonal produce? Rather than serving the same old side dishes, such as potatoes or corn, try some of these healthy alternatives to complement your Fourth of July Feast! Radicchio – Sometimes known as Italian chicory, this red-leafed, […]

Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping

A trip to the grocery store in search of gluten-free foods can be an overwhelming experience, especially these days when new gluten-free food products are popping up everywhere.  Simply following a few tips can get you in, out, and on your way to a healthy lifestyle.  Check out these ideas from FEED the next time you […]

Seasonal Produce – What to choose, When to choose it, and Why is it important?

Fall is here, the leaves are falling, and holidays are just upon us. The fall season is actually one of the most abundant seasons of the year when it comes to finding seasonal produce. Apples Bell peppers Cabbage Cauliflower Corn Cucumbers Eggplant Grapes Greens Lettuce Okra Onions Peas Plums Potatoes Pumpkins Radishes Rhubarb Spinach Squash […]

Fall Festival Eating – Can it be HEALTHY??

Fall is here, the leaves are changing, and the smell of apples is in the air. Local produce is beaming with color from delicious red apples, to bright orange pumpkins, to dark purple eggplants. Many local communities have fall festivals and fairs that families can enjoy while the warm weather remains. Perhaps you could pick […]

How to maintain a HEALTHY Halloween!

Store shelves are packed with treats, pumpkin-themed items are in abundance, and everyone knows Halloween is around the corner. From corn syrup-packed candy corn, to chocolate-filled skulls, bats and eyeballs, this is the time of year when kids are most tempted by holiday treats. Halloween need not be the demise of dietitians or healthy dieters. […]