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Sports Nutrition – Tips for the BIG and little athlete

Just starting a new workout routine? Are you curious about what foods to choose for muscle recovery? Check out these tips from FEED! Adequate recovery nutrition is important for all types of athletes. From kids that are just starting out in physical activities to adults engaging in regular competitive events, all athletes need to incorporate […]

Dinner in the Freezer: Make-Ahead Meals!

Parents frequently say, “Our family is stuck in a rut! I do not know what to make for dinner anymore! Can you provide me with some additional dinner suggestions?” Fear not! FEED’s make-ahead meal suggestions area easy to prepare, and provide a healthy alternative to any convenience boxed item you might find in the freezer […]

Product Spotlight! FEED’s Top 25 Food Products of 2012!

What’s hot to have in your pantry NOW? Check out Lara’s list of MUST-HAVE items* for your home! Good for your kids, great for your waistline. Learn what to stock on your pantry shelves to ensure healthy choices are always around. Here they are…Drum roll, please! Applegate Organics Chicken Breast – No antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites, […]

Is your child a “Picky Eater”?

Suggestions to combat the initiation of picky eating and other diet pitfalls. Preschool marks the start of a child’s independence. Toddlers become “big kids,” yearning to do things all by themselves. Preschool children constantly test the boundaries their parents provide, leaving mom or dad the opportunity to say “NO,” or let them get their way. […]

Picnic-possible: The Healthy Way to Perk Up Your Picnic!

Keeping your kids entertained over summer break is a real challenge! Get them off the couch by proposing a picnic. Now, if you’re thinking hot dogs, potato salad, and fried chips, think again! You’ll be surprised how delicious and easy your lunch can be when you use these healthy tips from FEED to fill your […]

Lunchbox Lessons from Lara

Just last summer, USDA launched MyPlate, a revamp of the old food guide pyramid which seemed to create consumer confusion. Rather than a pyramid, the “plate” depicts nutritional know-how in one image. At first sight, the plate shows the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins, along with a glass of milk. However, if […]

“How do I get my child to eat more vegetables?!?!”

March is National Nutrition Month!  To celebrate, we will be posting some very fun and informative blogs throughout March.  To kick it off, we are starting with one of the questions I get asked most, “How do I get my child to eat more vegetables?!?!” Many parents struggle with mealtimes. Not only to get their […]

Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August marks the end of summer. Kids are going back to school, and many last minute summer vacations are underway. But August also means Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Breastmilk, the supreme source of nutrition for infants for the first 6 months of life, provides infants immunity to disease, reduces risk of allergy, decreases tendency toward childhood […]